Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stats of my social networks

My blog stats :

- My blog has been view 160 times since its creation, 90 times last month, 11 times yesterday and 13 times today.
- My best country audience is the United States first followed by the United Kindgdom, Chile, Germany and Ireland.
- Most people used Internet explorer to see my blog followed by Firfox and Chrome and most from Windows operating system.

My twitters stats :

I have 27 following and 16 follower on my twitter account. It is only people from the social media marketing class because I've just create an account for this class.

My facebook stats :

I have 637 friends on my current facebook.

I think this stats are very important in the marketing because it can shows who is interested about you and what is your ideal target.


Last week, we talk about ROI : Return On Investment. Here is the formula for calculating :

ROIgain from investment – cost of investment / cost investment

The social media tools generate costs as the cost of the computer, internet, electricity and opportunity costs. In order to evaluate the return on investment we have several methods : the click through rate, the number of followers (eyeballs), likes/retweets/reposts, sales, analytics, search engine (top of google) and the number of mentions.

I think the best ROI is the search engine because it's means your page has been seen a lot of time by people so it gives you more recognition. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Here is the link for my Vlog

It was very difficult because it's in english and it's difficult to speak fluently in front of a webcam. However, it was a good exercice.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Twitter chat

This wednesday, we didn't had class because we had parties for halloween. Thanks to our teacher, we did a twitter chat. It was funny and something new for me. However, it was hard to follow the conversation because there was several twits at the same time and there is no notifications when someone mentioned my name (or I didn't find how it works). The different topics were very interesting and make me realize that I'm always on facebook and on my phone and I should try other social media networks as linkedin.
About skype, I use it very often when I'm far from my home to call my familly, my boyfriend and my friends. Moreover, I use it currently for interviews with companies for the internship I have to do in january. The only disadvantages for skype according to me is that the connection is always bad.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Study case about Zappos

In the last class of social marketing, we made a study case about some companies. Mine was the shoes company "Zappos". I didn't knew it before. I like the return policy because we can purchase different sizes of shoes and send the one who don't fit for free. Zappos have a webpage on facebook and I think it's the best social network to do advirtising because it's the most popular network with the highest number of members. Zappos' target are people from 23 to 35 because it's too expensive for younger people, who likes fashion shoes and who are confortable with social media as facebook.

This study case allowed me to realize the importance of social network like Facebook and twitter for the brand recognition of a company.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My first time on twitter

I follow 5 organizations about fashion because I would like to work in Human resources in company that product luxury clothes or accessories.  That's why I choose to follow VOGUE, JEAN PAUL GAULTIER, ELIE SAAB and YVES SAINT LAURENT. I choose famous fashion magazines and designers because they have a hudge influence in the fahion world and they are followed by many important people in this sector. Finally, it can give me credibility to potential recruiters if they saw on my twitter that i'm following people and companies in the fashion sector.

Marketing myself

1) Why it is important to market myself?

In my poimt of view, It's important to  market myself because there is a big competition between people on the internet nowadays, specially between workers. I have to get credibility and to sell myself in order to find more opportunities.

2) How can I build my brand online?

I think I can build my brand online with a lot of advertising on social media as facebook, twitter, blogger, etc. People can speak about it and influences their friends. Therefore, the brand can be famous faster.